Day 17 – Let’s do this one more time before we enter phase 2 – Part I

Yesterday I could not get around to publish the report for day 17 due to the fact that I needed more time to write it, because, soon we are going to get serious about the staking part of what we are building here and this means that with the focus on that there will be less focus on the way we raised the capital to get there using the Faucets and games. But it is a very important part of the process so it is vital that those who are following us and copying what we do in order to set up their crypto empire along with us, and also the ones who just tuned in and want to start doing this(if you know people you think could benefit from this, we would appreciate it very much if you could share this article with them to help us spread the word) understand it and know what they are doing and why.

Therefor we will detail all the steps from start to finish one last time and we will do it in two parts: This one which will detail how we use the faucets, which ones we use and why we chose them specifically  and the second part we will publish, will detail exactly what games we play and how we make the most of them, along with the report for day 18.

So without further delays, lets get to it.

The faucets we chose

  • Final Autoclaim
    We chose this one for several reasons: It is by far the most complete Faucet and Get Paid To(GPT) website out there and it is one of the oldest Websites out there, which makes them very reliable so we can be relatively sure we will not get scammed there. This is important because we use it to accumulate SPACE tokens which will let us stake them for other coins, like SHIBA INU or ATOM, or even more SPACE tokens.
  • Fire Faucet
    This Faucet is also one of the oldest Websites out there, which makes them very reliable so we can be relatively sure we will not get scammed there. They also offer a wide variety of Cryptocurrency we can accumulate there
  • CoinPayu
    Is not the oldest faucet out there but it is among the largest ones, which makes them (much) more reliable compared to for example a faucet that just started a few months ago(and could be gone just as fast).
  • Cointiply
    Like Final Autoclaim, Cointiply is is by far one of the the most complete Faucets out there, it definitely is the oldest one we know about which makes them as reliable as they come. It does not get more safe in the world of crypto then that. They also pay 5% weekly interest on the coins accumulated there, which is a nice bonus.
  • Free cash
    This is technically not a Faucet but a pure GPT site and they are the largest one out there. They pay for filling out surveys and for performing simple tasks from the many offerwalls on there. Freecash has made us hundreds of dollars/Euros in litecoin already and continues to do so to this day. It is the biggest crypto generator in our selection, but it is also not consistent because one day you make $ 15 from lots of surveys and tasks you qualify for while on other days you hardly qualify for anything and struggle to make $ 2. For this reason we also use the other faucets who provide less crypto but steady amounts ensuring we accumulate crypto every day.

* This being said we should point out that the above is simply our selection of faucets we think are best to use for the reasons we stated above, but you can do this with literally any faucets you like(and as many as you like). We have lots of them listed on Buzzbookmarks and we confirmed that all of them pay out and pay out nicely if you use them right.

How we use the faucets

With the exception of Freecash all faucets we chose have a Pay To Click(PTC) section, where you click links to watch an ad for a few seconds and for this get some coins as a reward. The largest PTC sections are on Cointiply, Final Autoclaim and CoinPayU, while Firefaucet only has a few links. Those sections we hit first and click all the links on there. This is something that can be done in between tasks. Some people click them while on a break, or when they need to wait on something. It works just fine on any phone, tablet or pc so this can literally be done any time, anywhere and this makes us use our time effectively. To illustrate, while doing my daily regular work I take 4 ten minute breaks and one lunchbreak of 30 minutes and in that time I hit the PTC sections. On a normal day I click all the links on Firefaucet and Cointiply in the first two breaks I take in the morning, hit the links on Final Autoclaim during lunchbreak and hit CoinPayu in the last two breaks of the day. That way by the time I stop working the PTC part of my daily routine is already done and out of the way.

This leaves time to start doing surveys and tasks from offerwalls. I usually do the CPX research surveys on Free cash, The Bitlabs surveys on Fire Faucet and Use the offerwalls and surveys on Final Autoclaim to get to a minimum of 100000 Dutch tokens which translates to 10 SPACE tokens. Since we started with this I have been consistently been generating 140000+ Dutchy tokens so my stack of SPACE tokens grows with 14 tokens every day consistently. On Firefaucet I have made amounts between $ 0.60 and $ 1.20 daily depending on how many Bitlabs surveys I qualify for and how much time I am willing to spend to get the coins, because you can swap the coins for crypto in two ways: Swap them direct for a token of your choice, which is instant, or turn on the auto faucet and let it run. The first option may be the fastest, but it also costs a fee of 5%, while the autoclaim faucet is free, but takes longer. Usually I do this on a pc and turn off the monitor while letting it run.

On Cointiply I use the TimeWall surveys, which brings in amounts between $ 0.80 and $1.50 and on CoinPayu I use any survey that I haven tried on the others, which is why on average we only make around $ 0.60 per day on there .

As you may have noticed, a lot of the offerwalls we use are listed on multiple faucets, so you may be wondering why we are not using only one or two Faucets to make larger amounts to cash out. For this we have several reasons: The first being the PTC sections and shortlinks sections, that make for the stabile revenue we make. It may only be a few cents, they are a few cents every day guaranteed, while offerwalls and surveys can change from day to day. Those cents will turn into dollars and will add up. The second reason is to not have all our eggs in one basket. Should one faucet go offline, we can continue on the others and we would never lose all our accumulated revenue that has not been cashed out yet. And last the added revenue from the surveys and tasks help us reach the withdrawal thresholds faster.

For day 17 we made:

Final Autoclaim: 14 Space tokens for the staking pool

Fire Faucet: $ 0.64

Freecash : $ 3.78

Cointiply: $ 1,00

CoinPayu: $ 0.63

Grand total from the faucets for day 17: $ 6.05

Well, here you have it, the first part of how we generate crypto without spending a dime and use it to build up a truly passive income. For the record; tomorrow we wil be explaining the games part but to complete the report for day 17: We also made $1 worth of SHIBA INU tokens using the Sense app and the crypto rize app.

This completes the report for day 17

See you tomorrow for the report on day 18!

Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises

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