Day 18 – Let the games begin! – Part 2

Like we said on day 17 today’s report will serve as part 2 of the detailed explanation of how our daily routine works. Yesterday we explained all about the faucets; which ones we selected and why and most important how we use them to get our daily dose of cryptocurrency. However, playing the faucets is only half of the routine. The other half is about playing Pay To Earn games(PTE) and that is what we will explain in great detail today.

While the game apps we use can pay out in many different cryptocurrencies, we are using them to accumulate SHIB tokens, but if you would like to start collecting other tokens, this wil work just as well.

Anyway, the game apps we use are the Sense App and the Crypto Rize app. I have to admit that between those two the Sense app is the main moneymaker, but Crypto Rize is a great relaxing game that is perfect to play before going to sleep, and it pays alright as well, it just takes a little longer to accumulate a sizable amount of SHIB. The Crypto Rize app is very straight forward, you match as many as the same tokens as you can and they give you points. You play to empty the board raking up as many points as you can. On average that rakes in between 200 and 300 coins per game you play and 10000 coins equals approximately 3000 SHIB, which is about as much as you can make in an hour.

Both apps pay out to Coinbase, and while Sense payments are instant, Crypto Rize pays out within 72 hours but usually it is almost instant as well.

To illustrate: Both apps combined make us approximately $ 1.00 daily which comes down to approximately 100000 SHIB. At the time of writing we have a little over 2 million SHIB in our Coinbase account and we started with nothing on day 1. When SHIB reaches $ 0.01 per token we shall be looking at $ 20.000 in SHIB and we will be collecting a lot more SHIB tokens before that happens(We expect SHIB to reach $ 0.01 at the end of 2024/the beginning of 2025).

Back on topic, there is not much to say about the Crypto Rize app. You play the game, the coins stack up and when you have enough you cash it out to Coinbase. Pretty straight forward. The Sense app on the other hand is much more interesting with more options and most important more cryptocurrencies to choose from.

When you start using the Sense app the first thing you need to do is get 1000 Sense tokens, which is the minimum you need to cash it out, but the most important thing is that it unlocks a few options.

In order to understand those options, and how to use them to get the most of them, you need to understand the way the App makes money. The creators of Sense did not create it from the goodness of their hearts, they made it to make money with it and this money comes from showing ads in the app.

This means before you start a game you see an add and after the game you see one more. From the money they make from those ads you get a cut in Sense tokens and those you can exchange for cryptocurrency. Those ads have a certain value they pay out to the app developers.

By default the worth of Sense is about the same of that from Crypto Rize but where you are stuck with said rate on there, the Sense app comes with a nifty little booster feature that will let you boost your Sense’s value by simply watching more ads. For this they give you a rating between 1 to 10 and when you start this will be between 2 and 3. Every-time you watch an add the value of that ad is added to your rating and you can go on until it reaches 10. By then your Sense tokens will almost have doubled in worth, which is how we get around 100000 SHIB daily so easily.

In order to make the most of your 10 rating you need to know two things:

  1. When your rating is 10 and you play a game, that rating will decrease and you will have to watch more ads to get back to 10.
    I usually play until I have accumulated 1000 Sense and then start boosting back to 10 again.
  2. When you do surveys on Sense you see no ads at all, so you get your additional Sense tokens and your rating remains 10 no matter how many surveys you do..
    The Sense you accumulate from surveys is a lot more then you earn from the games and you can choose from Theorem, Pollfish and CPX research surveys, so there are plenty to choose from. Currently you can also do tasks through the Pollfish offer-wall, which is new and we haven tested it yet. For now we only play the games and do the surveys(Mostly Theorem Reach)

Let’s recap:

  • To make the most from Sense you start with playing the games to get to 1000 Sense
  • Once you have 1000 Sense you boost your rating to get your rating to 10 by viewing ads
  • After getting your 10 rating you can do as many surveys as you like ,it won’t affect your rating
  • When you play the games(When there are no surveys for example, those provide the steady stream of crypto) you need to boost your rating back to 10 afterwards in order to get the highest payout for your Sense tokens.

From there on it is just a matter of accumulating as much Sense as you can or the amount you are comfortable with of keeping there without cashing out, and withdraw to Coinbase when you are ready to collect, after which the process starts all over again.

* Those of you who are following us from day 1 and copying what we do, you already have the apps we reckon, but those of you that want to start doing this can download the Sense app here and if you are asked for a referral code you can use “JuwzXkpr” It won’t cost you a dime but gives us a small commission that we can use to keep this website running, so it would be much appreciated. Crypto Rize you can download here and if you need a referral code for that one, you can use “C5IAHV” if you choose to do so this too will get us a small commission at no cost to you and is also very much appreciated.

Here we are at the end of part 2 of the detailed explanation of our daily routine. If you just found us, Part 1 can de found here. From here on out we are shifting the focus to the staking part of our crypto adventures. With this being said lets go to the results of day 18:

As expected we made another $ 7,– from the faucets and this puts us a few cents over $ 50 we used to set up a staking pool using KAVA, so now we are staking SPACE, ATOM, COSMO and KAVA tokens. SHIB will be added to that list as soon as we reach $ 50 worth there as well. Today we added another $ 1 in SHIB towards that goal.

Tomorrow we will be selecting the new coins we will be hunting for to set up the next two staking pools

See you tomorrow for the report on day 19

Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises

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