Day 1 – And so it begins…

Today finally was the day we started our crypto fortune building again from scratch and as promised here is the first report for day one. For those who missed the start, please click here to read up so you are up to speed and ready to follow what we will be explaining here.

Normally I am very structured and set in a fixed routine when accumulating crypto, but because this is the first day we will be doing things a bit different then we will be doing the coming days but you will read all about that in the reports for those days.

I started out at Final Autoclaim in order to generate enough Dutchy coins to be able to start staking space tokens to gain Shiba Inu tokens the passive way. For this I needed a minimum of 50 Space tokens which comes down to accumulating approximately 500000 Dutchy coins. In order to achieve this I first hit the faucet, clicked all the PTC links and that got me around 3000 Dutchy coins.

Time to bring out the big guns, so I filled out 5 surveys from the CPX Research offerwall and this got me a grand total of 573000 Dutchy coins, which I swapped for 63 Space tokens. Made it with coins to spare!

So now I headed to the staking section and put all 63 coins in the Shiba Inu Staking pool. This makes me approximately 20 SHIB tokens daily completely passive. Now I have it going I am passed the 50 Space token threshold which means I can add any amount of Space tokens large and small from now on.

Grand total for today at Final Autoclaim: 63 Space tokens worth $ 0.02225 at the time of writing so we made $ 1.41 worth of crypto, plus we started our very first passive income stream we can grow  on a daily basis

Next I hit Freecash because you can make a few bucks really fast over there and they pay out instantly and, very important they offer payment in Litecoin which means virtually no transaction fees.

On Freecash I filled out approximately 6 surveys from CPX Research and Bitlabs + I installed a game from the offerwalls and played my way to level 10 which made me a quick buck. The surveys and the task together made me almost $ 5 but for logging in you get 100 coins(= $ 0.10 cents) from Freecash and another 25 coins for the first 1000 coins you earn, which pushed me accross to a total of $ 5.10. This I sent to my Atomic Wallet and swapped the Litecoin for Atom. The goal is to get $ 50 worth of Atom tokens that we can stake in the wallet and will get us the second passive income stream, hopefully in a few days.

Grand total on Freecash: $ 5.10

Next in line is Firefaucet, where I pick up my daily bonus, play the faucet a few times and fill out 3 surveys and click all the PTC Links This made a total of 54000 credits which I used to turn on the auto faucet so I won’t pay the 5% fee for swapping the tokens for crypto direct. I activated all tokens to make it go fast, but when done I will swap them(at no fee) for Tron tokens(TRX) which I can also send to my Atomic Wallet to swap for more Atom tokens. I need at least $ 4 for this and today I made $ 1.20 so we have a little while to go.

Grand total on Firefaucet: $ 1.20

After this I hit Cointiply where I repeat the process: I clicked all the PTC links, filled out two surveys, rolled the faucet, and made a grand total of $ 1.36. The goal is to reach $ 3,50 so I can have it paid out in Litecoin to my Atomic Wallet and swap for Atom tokens. I estimate this will happen in a day, or two

Grand total on Cointiply: $1.36

Last of the faucets I went to Coinpayu and there I clicked all the ads, hit the faucet for more SHIB, TRX, ROSE and LUNC tokens which I will swap to SHIB once we have accumulated enough for a withdrawal  and signed up for a VPN service from their offerwalls

This made me 5300 satoshi’s which equals $ 1.46 and enough for a payout to my Wallet

Grand total on CoinPayu: $ 1.46

Play to earn

With the faucets out of the way it is time to start playing with the Sense app to you can earn sense tokens you can swap for lots of different coins paid direct to your Coinbase account. Naturally we will be going for SHIB there.

One of the cool things about the Sense app is that they are really upfront on how it works and explain in detail how the worth of your Sense varies according to the worth of the ads you have viewed. They also give you the option to increase the value of the sense you earned by simply viewing ads. This takes a while but it is fairly easy to boost your Sense to the maximum of 10 which almost doubles its value.

The first step is to reach 1000 sense which takes less then 10 minutes to reach playing their math game. After this you have enough for a payout and that is where you can see where you rank on the ad value. I came out at 4,18 so I started viewing ads until I got it to 10. To illustrate my 1000 sense was worth 635 SHIB with an ad value of 4,18 when I bumped it up to 10 it was worth 1173 SHIB. So this is well worth the effort.

However,there is a catch; When you start playing the games again the value goes down again, but if instead of the games you fill out the surveys from Theorem and Pollfish no ads are shown and your value stays at 10 while the amount of Sense grows fast. As soon as you make a withdrawal you will have to start from scratch so you will have to bump the value to 10 again, so it is advised to build up a large amount of Sense before you withdraw. This being said I now have 68000 sense at a 10 ad value which will get me approximately 140000 SHIB which is worth $ 1,40

Grand total on Sense: $ 1,40
(* If you want to sign up there please use our code JuwzXkpr it will give us a small commission at no cost to you but it will help us with maintaining this website Thanks in advance 🙂 )

Last and of course I did this yesterday before going to sleep I always play a few rounds of Crypto Rise which made me 10000 coins I can also have paid out to my Coinbase account in SHIB tokens which is another $ 0.10 cents I would not have had otherwise. You can cash out once every 7 days and this was day one so this will grow as the days go by.

Grand total on Crypto Rise: $ 0.10

So there you have it, my first day at the faucets. How much I made and how I made it. All combined today made me $ 12.03 which is not too bad for the very first day! With everything in place we can now start a daily routine to build on what we have done today and grow our crypto fortune.

See you tomorrow for the next update!

Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises


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