Day 7 – lets see how we did

Day 7, which means that the first week of accumulating crypto and setting up passive income streams has come and gone, so now it is time to analyse what we did so far and see how we are doing. That in turn will point us where we are headed so let’s get to it.

  • On day 1 we made $ 12.03
  • On day 2 we made $ 7.10
  • On day 3 we made $ 6.00
  • On day 4 we made $15.00
  • On day 5 we made $21.00
  • On day 6 we made $ 8.00
  • On day 7 we made $ 5.40 due to the fact we had less time to spend on our crypto endeavour today

This makes for a grand weekly total of $ 74,53 $ 7.00 from this came from the games we play to get more SHIB

Of this $ 74 we have % 50 invested in ATOM tokens which we are staking right now and we have $ 17 in Litecoin waiting to get swapped for OSMO tokens so we are well underway of getting the $ 50 to start staking that token also.

If we manage to keep this up we could be looking at $ 298 monthly we can invest in our crypto empire! Not bad if you consider that we started from absolute zero and without investing anything other then time and a little dedication we are looking at enough funds to start up five to six new passive income streams, which in turn means we will have ten streams trickling within two months!

As stated today I am a little pressed for time so I will keep this report short today but tomorrow there will be a complete report on day 8!

See you tomorrow for the report on day 8!


Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises

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