Day 2 – Settling into the routine

Yesterday we were off to a good start where we made $ 12.03 to get our crypto building adventure started and we also managed to get the first passive income stream started that we can build upon!

After this we can not expect day 2 to surpass this as from now on it is all about consistency and routine, because let’s face it; yesterday we made some decent money, but we also spent a lot of time getting it and like most of us we also have lives so we are going to be as effective as possible in the least amount of time(But hey, if you do have the time, feel free to keep on going like we did yesterday it will go even faster!)

The faucet sites we are using, have been selected for a reason, and that is because they all offer Pay per click services(PTC), and while per site it may accumulate to just a few tokens, combined it still adds up to a nice amount and this is important because while things like surveys and tasks can vary on a daily basis. Some days you will be able to do lots of them, while on other days you qualify for almost none of them. PTC, Faucet rolls and games are always available, which ensures we make more crypto each and every day.

So today we decided to set up the routine we will be using for as long as we do this. We may tweak it here and there over time but today we decide on the framework and below is what it looks like:

We started out by hitting the PTC sites and for this we used an old linux laptop so we have a display large enough to open a few browser windows at once, four to be precise.

In those windows we loaded Final auto claim PTC section, FireFaucet PTC section, Cointiply PTC section, CoinPayu PTC section. This way we can click the ads on the sites all at once and this takes less then 30 minutes

Next in line we needed to cultivate our passive income stream on Final Autoclaim And decided we were going to make at least 100000 Dutchy tokens daily and we already had 3000 tokens from the clicks we made earlier. It took 3 surveys to get 112000 tokens totalling 14 space tokens when we swapped it and those tokens we added to the Shiba Inu staking pool. We already had 63 tokens in there making 20 SHIB daily  with the added 14 tokens we can expect that to be 25 SHIB tokens every day for doing absolutely nothing.

Next we hit FireFaucet where we pick up our daily bonus, click the faucet and do two surveys. Totalling $ 0.80 which tallies up to $2 on our FireFaucet account; half way to the $4 we need for a withdrawal

After this we visit Cointiply where we are met with a nice surprise: they are offering a 40% bonus on bitlabs surveys, so naturally we hit those and 4 short surveys later we have a grand total of $ 2.32 which puts us over the $ 3.50 threshold so we have a payment coming in for $ 3.78 in Litecoin so we are at $ 10.34 in Atom tokens where the minimum we set for ourselves before we start staking it we set on $ 50

At Freecash we hit the surveys and tasks once more raking up $ 2, the amount we set for ourselves we want to make there each day and is easy to achieve. This we also send to our wallet in Litecoin. Now we have $ 12.34 in Atom, it adds up fast!

Last we visit CoinPayu where we hit the faucet and fill out the last two surveys for the day. Making a grand total of 2216 satoshi’s which equals $ 0.60 which is enough for a withdrawal but we can only withdraw once there every 72 hours so we will have to wait two days longer, but on the bright side we will have a higher amount to withdraw

So far the faucets, the rest of our time we spend on making Sense tokens which made us another 100,000 SHIB but we are still not cashing out because we like to keep our ad 10 rating. Sense has paid us over 50 times already in the past so we feel comfortable letting it sit there accumulating to a realy sizeable amount of SHIB.

Last before going to sleep we relaxed again with Crypto Rise and made another 10000 coins and 5 days to go before we can cash it.

So here you have it, the routine we will from now on be implementing to accumulate crypto consistently  and it can be done within two to three hours a day.

See you tomorrow for the report on Day 3!

Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises


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  • […] Like yesterday we started on the PTC sections, and after that we were set to hit Final Autoclaim to get more Space tokens we can use to boost the SHIB staking on there. That is where lady luck stepped in, because we found just one survey paying us a whopping 140000 Dutchy tokens and for icing on the cake Final Autoclaim is running a special this week, paying out 20% more when you use their Auto claim faucet to get your crypto instead of simply swapping it. So not only did we get enough tokens to meet de minimum we set for ourselves within 7 minutes, we also got 20% more for it while not paying the fee to swap the tokens direct. This made us 20 space tokens, which we staked so now we have 97 Space staked which passively makes us around 30 SHIB daily. Keeping this up over time will turn that trickle into a stream. […]

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