Day 19 – Playing catch up!

The last two reports also serve as a detailed manual on how to perform the routine we use on a daily basis and because of that those two reports took a lot more time to create. Add to this the regular stuff life throws at you and time becomes quite limited, especially if you also want to keep up with the routine, and  there you have the reason why the reports didn’t come out daily the last few days. Hopefully we can catch up and publish the reports up to the current day over the weekend.

With the explanation for the routine for the games and the faucets out of the way, we can suffice with saying that on the faucets today we made a cool $ 6.31 plus 14 SPACE tokens to boost up our passive stream of free SHIB  tokens and the games brought in an additional $ 1.05 that we will use to get more SHIB tokens. Last we manged to start up the fourth passive income stream by staking $ 50 worth of KAVA, so we will need to choose the next two tokens to hunt for. The way we select them is not rocket science, we simply look at which coins give us the highest annual percentage yield(APY)  which at this point are: LUNC(19% APY) and INJ(17% APY) tokens and we have $ 7.– worth of crypto waiting to be exchanged for LUNC, so $ 43.– to go to set up a new passive income stream!

While on the subject of passive income streams, the time is drawing closer rapidly that we will have ten of them up and running, which we have set to be the maximum to start with. Once set up we intend to grow those staking pools by using the gains of our daily routine. The idea is that we raise the amount up to a point where the interest gained from the staking is high enough to sustain it’s growth on it’s own through re-staking the interest monthly. After that it is just letting it grow to a point where we feel it is time to take the rewards and turn them into an ever growing stream of stabile coins and gain interest on those too!  At that point we will have our hands free and will be looking to start up the next batch of tokens to start staking with.

The re-staking of the rewards we will do monthly, at least at first because claiming and staking costs a small transaction fee(Gass) so we want to be sure the amount is high enough those fees won’t eat it all. It is only a few cents but especially in the beginning the rewards are low and all we can save will leave more to re-stake and thus grow our stake faster.

This being said, looking back from day 1 I have to say it is all growing rapidly and a lot faster then when I did this 3 years ago, when I had to figure all this out for myself. I still find it amazing to see how much time you can save when you know where you are going and know how to get there. I sincerely hope that tons of people are reading and doing this because those that don’t are truly missing out!

See you tomorrow for the report on day 20!

Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises

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