Day 8 – Rinse and repeat

Day 8 and the start of a new weekly cycle, where we start the routine again, highly motivated by the good results we managed to get in our very first week. Now, before we get carried away I must state that when you start this, at first you always make a little more money because all available offers on the offerwalls and the available surveys are new, which means you qualify for a lot and that makes it easy to make some decent money. Over time you can expect it to become a bit harder because simply put, we do more surveys than they can put out there and we do more offers than they can put out there also, so there will be times that it is hard to even make a buck, while on other days when new surveys and offers become available you make much more then you will on average. The most important thing is to make sure we keep bringing in more crypto consistently and keep doing that each and every day(if time allows).

That is why we always hit the PTC sections of the Faucets we use, and while on that subject, our routine is working so well that we have room for more PTC links to click so we will be looking into adding a few more faucets to our mix. Ofcourse we will tell you all about it once we have sorted out which Faucets we are going to use.

Anyway, Today we only hit the PTC sections of the faucets we listed here, just like we have been in the past week. After that we hit Freecash again and lady luck smiled upon us; we made $ 4,36 in Litecoin doing CPX and Bitlab surveys.  Naturally we also made our 14 Space tokens at Final Autoclaim so our SPACE/SHIB staking is growing nicely now producing 55 SHIB on a daily basis

We hit Firefaucet and managed to get $ 0.60 on there, We got $ 1 on CoinPayu and we managed to get another $0.80 on Cointiply Totalling $ 6.76 of which $ 4.36 is already in our Atomic Wallet, making a total of $ 21.36 we have ready to swap into OSMO as soon as we get to $ 50. Almost halfway there already!

With the Faucet routine out of the way it was time for games, we made our 100000 SHIB on Sense and were greeted with a nice surprise: Sense now also has incorporated CPX surveys so making more SENSE tokens is going to be even easier! Crypto Rise provided another 3000 SHIB but we have to wait 6 more days before we can cash out again.

At the time of writing there is 1.4 million SHIB in our Coinbase account and it all came from Final Autoclaim, Sense and Crypto Rise. When SHIB reaches a value of only $ 0.01 cents that is $ 14k right there! And we expect that to happen somewhere in 2025, just think about how much SHIB we will have ready and waiting around at that time… 🙂

We are in what they call the tail of a bear market and that is the best time to start up endeavors such as ours Because a bear market slashes the value of all crypto and in this particular bear market most of the coins lost 90% of their value  which means we are getting them dirt cheap and they will explode to the top come the next bull market which is predicted to start in 2024 or at the start of 2025 at the latest. So we can take that time to accumulate as much tokens as we can and make bank come the bull market!

So if you are going to do something with crypto we suggest you start doing it now!

See you tomorrow for the report on day 9!

Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises

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