Day 9 – testing the waters

In terms of our daily activities for accumulating crypto day 9 was pretty uneventful and would count as an average day for us where we raked up 140000 Dutchy coins at Final Autoclaim that we could swap for 14 Space tokens and added them to the SPACE/SHIB staking pool which gives us now a daily trickle of 60 SHIB a day. For those who missed it: The maximum amount of SPACE we can stake to get SHIB in return is 5000 SPACE tokens so we already know that fully maxed out we will be looking at a stream of 2000 SHIB daily.

We made $ 3.40 in surveys at Freecash and we made $ 0.45 on Firefaucet, $ 0.80 on CoinPayu, another $ 1.40 on Cointiply totalling $ 6.05. That puts us just a little over $ 25 in OSMO tokens, half of what we set out to get to start staking them.

Tomorrow we expect an added boost because besides our regular routine we have payments coming in from FireFaucet, Cointiply and CoinPayu where we reached the respective thresholds for withdrawal. That will give us another $ 13 which bring the milestone even closer. We can not be certain but day after tomorrow we might be able to start staking OSMO and have that third passive income stream going, after which we will be turning to KAVA and go get us another $ 50 to start staking those tokens also.

Meanwhile the Sense app keeps on delivering a steady 100000 SHIB daily which translates to another daily $1 and the amount of coins we get from Crypto rize is steady at around 10.000 coins a day which is good for 3000 SHIB tokens daily. So far there is nothing but smooth sailing as far as we can see.

Testing the PTC waters

Besides the regular routine as described above we are also testing several PTC faucets, trying to come up with a workable routine to integrate them all in our daily routine. We will keep you posted on the developments on that as we progress, because as I stated earlier, having a steady stream of crypto is very important in order to be able to grow consistently and Pay To Click(PTC) is a good addition in that department

Well, that is all she wrote for day 9 and all the other news we had to report on this day.

See you tomorrow for the report on day 10!

Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises

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  • […] Yesterday already showed us that the routine is realy setting in. By using the faucets and games consistently we have managed to get a steady revenue stream  with a range between $ 6 and $10 on average daily and today falls well within this average, with a clean $ 6 from the faucets, a steady $1 in SHIB from the games and we added another 14 Space tokens to the pool. […]

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