Day 11 – One down, on to the next!

If you read yesterday’s report it should come as no surprise that today we managed to get enough cryptocurrency from the faucets to be able to get $ 50 worth of OSMO tokens that we can stake and thus set up passive income stream #3. This means from now on we will turn our attention to KAVA as the next source to set up and once that has been accomplished pick the next two tokens to set up in the same way until we have ten passive income streams going on. After this we can grow those streams and ultimately move on to accumulating stable coins to grow our fortune with.

Think of what we are doing as laying the foundation of creating ultimate financial freedom and building a solid foundation takes time, consistency, and dedication to set up. When we said this is not a get rich quick scheme we weren’t kidding.

To give an idea on the time frame we are planning for:

The coming two months we will still be busy setting up the ten income streams and after that the growing of those income streams will take between 6 months to a year After which the accumulation of stable coins will start and take anywhere from a year to 5 years or even more. What you will see in those months is that the pace by which the streams and with it the stable coins will increase exponentially  thanks to the compounding interest factor. In fact I always find it a lot of fun to watch it accelerate.

One part we kept out of this equation so far is the SHIB we are accumulating from the Crypto Sense and Crypto Rize games and from Final autoclaim. At the time of writing we have a little over 2 million SHIB tokens sitting there on Coinbase doing nothing (yet). Eventually we will be staking them but like with the other tokens we want it to reach $ 50 worth first. We expect that to happen in about two weeks based on what we get on an average day.

Once we have that staking going on, we can stop the staking on Final Autoclaim and use the space tokens to set up another passive income stream with a little more potential.

Anyway, starting from tomorrow we will be accumulating crypto to swap for KAVA tokens and get it to $ 50 so we can start the staking. We have $ 2 in Litecoin in our wallet already after staking the OSMO tokens and in the coming days there is approximately $ 5 coming our way from CoinPayu and Cointiply, so we have $ 43 to go before we reach that milestone.

See you tomorrow for the report on day 12!

Disclaimer: Even though we go through great lenghts to provide you with the best sources to obtain crypto currency for free and , we can never give you any guarantees. We use the sources listed here on this website ourselves and we are getting paid every time and we do what we can to root out the scams, but we do advise you to follow these best practises

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