Day 14 – Let’s see where we are

Now that we are half past the month and a second week of revenue to tally up we get to find out if the prognosis we made last week holds.

  • On day 8 we made $ 7.76
  • On day 9 we made $ 7.05
  • On day 10 we made $ 7.00
  • On day 11 we made $9.00
  • On day 12 we made $7.00
  • On day 13 we made $ 6.81
  • On day 14 we made $ 6.05

That brings this week’s total to $ 50.67 which is less then our first week, but that is to be expected as we spent much less hours on it this week because in the first week we set things up and by now we have reached the point that is getting harder to get surveys to qualify for.

This is all I have time for at the moment, but I will do more extensive report tomorrow!

See you tomorrow for a report on Day 15!

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